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My name is Henry Sherrell. I write mostly about Australian immigration policy and politics.

I’m currently an independent researcher and consultant. Please get in touch if you would like to contact or commission me. I mainly work on the following:

  • Research reports on Australian migration policy, including parliamentary submissions.
  • Analysing migration and population trends.
  • Providing strategic advice on migration legislation and policy.

You can email me at henry.sherrell [at] gmail [dot] com or find me on Twitter at @henrysherrell.

My CV is here. I have previously worked for the then Department of Immigration and Citizenship, a Federal Member of Parliament, and the Federal Parliamentary Library. As a researcher, I’ve worked for the Development Policy Centre at the Australian National University and the Migration Council Australia.

Recent publications include analysis for the Parliamentary Library on the 2019-20 Budget covering immigration and population, and a quick guide to international students. In 2017, I was the lead author on a report for the Centre for Policy Development on refugee employment, Settling Better: Reforming refugee employment and settlement services. This essay for Inside Story answers the question, How many migrants come to Australia each year? In 2016, my correspondence was included for George Megalogenis’ Quarterly Essay, Balancing Act.

As part of my Master of Public Policy from the Australian National University, I completed a research project titled, “Labour Migration and the ‘Price of Rights’: An Australian case study”. An abridged version was published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration, 36(2). Writing with Matthew Dornan, Richard Curtain, and Stephen Howes, I co-authored Pacific Seasonal Workers: Learning from the contrasting temporary migration outcomes in Australian and New Zealand horticulture.

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