Blog posts published elsewhere

I have two blogs published elsewhere today.

For the Lowy Institute’s Interpreter blog, I write about the opportunities for Australia presented by likely changes to immigration norms:

To date, Prime Minister Turnbull and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton have shown no willingness to explore the opportunities provided by a changing international environment for immigration. The Brexit vote and the Trump Administration’s approach to immigration will upend established processes and trends while formalising new norms. There is no reason these trends and norms should be dictated to us.

From the big picture down into the weeds, in this post for the Development Policy Centre (where I work), Richard Curtain and I outline how recruitment processes in origin countries can shape migration outcomes in the seasonal worker program:

Fiji was not a participating RSE or SWP country until 2015. However in the first full financial year of participation, Fiji had 160 participating workers in the SWP and 104 workers in the RSE. Already in the first half of 2016-17, 168 workers have gone to New Zealand. This stands in stark contrast to participation from Papua New Guinea. Despite participating in the RSE since 2010-11 and the SWP since inception in 2012-13, the number of workers participating is small and refuses to grow. In Australia, only 42 workers participated in 2015-16, while in New Zealand a total of 69 participated, down from the year before.

Finally, I curate a regular newsletter with links to research and blog posts on Pacific labour mobility and other bits and pieces about Australian immigration for my day job. The first edition for 2017 will be sent tomorrow. If you would like to subscribe to this, let me know on Twitter or shoot me an email:

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