I’m going to try and run a Friday afternoon “Links” post to bits and pieces I found interesting.

Researchers put two Spanish-speakers on a train and changed commuters’ views of immigration“, The Washington Post.

Perhaps we’re very responsive to our environments.

Economists negative about UK migration policies: results from the Centre for Macroeconomics August survey“, (H/t Peter Whiteford)

This type of expert survey is useful to see aggregate opinion instead of a one-off op-ed.

There aren’t enough jobs. Is it time to cut back on working holiday visas?“,

While I disagree with the conclusion, the comments are worth reading for a good sample of public opinion on migrants and the labour market.

Speech: Growth and diversity – how immigration creates opportunities and challenges for Australia and the United States“, Andrew Leigh.

I’m a bit late to this but it’s worthwhile reading. Interesting contrast between the United States and Australian immigration frameworks.

Where Australia’s immigrants were born“, SBS.

Nice visualisations of migrant localities.

And to finish, an immigration haiku:

Unfortunately this didn’t trend.

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