Global migration trends

A fascinating new chapter on “two centuries of international migration” from Hatton and Ferrie, for the forthcoming ¬†edition of the Handbook on the Economics of International Migration.

This table shows the number of migrants since 1965 globally:

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.33.28 PM

In Australia we are rightly proud of the diversity which comes from one in four people being born overseas. This table shows in Oceania as a whole, there has been some growth as a proportion but as a share of all migrants globally, the region is in decline.

Perhaps the most interesting questions arise from the rapid transformation of Europe to a region of heavy immigration, from just 2.2 per cent in 1965 to 9.5 per cent in 2010. This provides some context for the massive shifts in public opinion which are currently gripping the region about the effects of migration. This stuff isn’t easy.

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