Soutphommasane on multiculturalism and citizenship

Tim Soutphommasane is one of Australia’s best authors on citizenship and multiculturalism. Today he tweeted links to some past articles, outlining his position on these issues.

Avoid the hysteria but reject Sharia

Muslim unrest doesn’t denote cultural crisis

Grounds for Patriotism

They are each excellent contributions to furthering our understanding of Australian multiculturalism and citizenship.

“There is every reason to be patriotic about our multiculturalism. After all, patriotism – if you can get beyond lazily dismissing it as ”the last refuge of a scoundrel” – means a very particular thing. Being a patriot means loving your country in a special way. The patriot is someone who is loyal to a national tradition, someone who believes their country has certain merits or achievements.

During the past 65 years there have been few greater achievements of this country than its successful integration of immigrants since the end of the Second World War. This has been done without painful social rancour or fragmentation, certainly when compared with the experience of other Western democracies. How remarkable it is that a country once defined by White Australia has been transformed into a multicultural paragon.”

Colour me patriotic.

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