The political podcast

5 times a week, I listen to what I believe is the best podcast on the planet. It is about basketball so that probably rules it out for anyone even accidentally stumbling across this. However it’s awesome because it was started by guys just interested in talking about basketball on their own terms and relating to it through their own rules.

When I heard Bob Carr on this radio this week talking about the NSW ALP defeat, he moved sideways to promote the review that he undertook alongside Steve Bracks and John Faulkner. His best response to reviving the party came from a ‘massive online presence’ (probably a slight misquote).

This got me thinking, as I started up the basketball, why are all political podcasts in Australia linked to existing media outlets? Radio stations mostly, not creating podcasts, just re-packaging existing content. Perhaps this independent, local, homemade podcast does exist and I don’t know about it? I searched and searched. In other spheres of the internet, you might find podcasts associated with websites. Writers sharing their views through a whole new medium. I listen to Slate’s Political Gabfest and it’s awesome. Conversation which is not stage managed. Does not need a shitty interview or shouting match.

I need this product. I crave this product. I think I’d even pay for it if it was good enough. Sky News and ABCN24 would be more bearable if only my content was more diversified. Websites and blogs are really hitting the spot. High quality political words exist in spades across the spectrum. LP, the Crikey blogs, Club Troppo, GrogsGamut – there are almost too many to keep up to date with. But once a week (Monday’s), when I’m walking to work, I listen to the birds. Not by choice mind you. It would be an amazing way to start to the week.

(Obviously, if you know of a decent Australian independent political podcast, I’d love to know about it. Please comment away if you do. Thanks)

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